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Jucivaldo Tavares
Bornd 1976 in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil,
Swedish Citizen 2007 and live in Lund, Sweden

What interests Tavares the most is to give expression to an art marked by harmony in the composition and in the colours, that contains fields of strong but tranquil colours that harmonizes with the environment. Without generating doubts and cause polemics, the technical capacity of the composition of the paintings creates a diversity of visions tied to the fields of strong but tranquil colours.

Konstverk: Målningar av Jucivaldo Tavares

Tavares has participated in various exhibitions
1999  Joint student exhibition at MAM, Sao Paulo
1999  Student Gallery at MAM, Sao Paulo
2000  Gallery Dutra Antiques
2001  Student Biannual, Sao Paulo
2001  Art Biannual, Sao Paulo
2002  Brazilian Cultural Biannual, Rio de Janeiro
2003  MAM Biannual, Sao Paulo
2005  Gallery Solar do Ferrao IPAC – The Cultural Institute of Artistic Patrimony, Salvador, Bahia
2005  Hotel Quatro Rodas, Salvador, Bahia
2005  Shopping Aeroclub, Salvador, Bahia
2005  Casa Cor, Salvador, Bahia
2006  Gallery Solar do Ferrao IPAC, Salvador, Bahia
2006  German Languange School, Salvador, Bahia
2007 Galleri Ängeln, Lund, Sweden
2007 Joint exhibition at Galleri Ängeln, Lund, Sweden
2008 La Pista- Art Gallery&Tango, San Francisco, USA
2008 Mechanica Institute, San Francisco, USA
2008 Lilla Galleriet, Göteborg, Sweden
2008 Galleri Bergman, Tågarp, Sweden
2008 Galleri Ängeln, Lund, Sweden
2008 Joint exhibition, Ishuset, Göteborg, Sweden
2008 Galleri Infra, Stockholm, Sweden
2008 Hässleholms Kulturhus, Hässleholm, Sweden
2008 Galleri Pictor, Munka Ljungby, Sweden
2008 Joint exhibition at Galleri Ängeln, Lund
2009 Galleri Ideon, Lund, Sweden
2009 Aoseum, Åhus, Sweden
2009 Konst & Sånt, Tommarp, Sweden
2009 Konstgalleriet i  Åhus, Sweden
2009 ScandArt Gallery, Höllviken, Sweden

Tavares's works of art can be found in various countries in the world, such as: Canada, Italy, The United States, Germany, Austria, Chile, Switzerland. Costa Rica, Portugal, Spain, Finland, Sweden,  Great Britain, Japan, New Zeeland, Australia, Luxembourg, Argentina and Holland.

Completed his first studies at MAM, Museum of  Modern Art, in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil,1996
Later continued with Advanced studies at MAM in Sao Paulo, 1999
MA at the University of Sao Paulo, 1998-2004

More informarion
Read ”Starka brasilianska färger på Aoseum”





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